January Wrap-up

Woo! A month of PT school has passed in a blink of an eye. One second I’m freaking out by the workload of grad school, the next I’m passing my first Gross Anatomy practical, oral, and lecture exam with 2 A’s and a B—respectively! I tend to be very hard on myself when I don’t get an A on something that I worked hard for, but I’m learning to celebrate the victories and not define the knowledge I’m gaining, with a percentage.

1st Term Class Schedule:

Patient Care Management 1

Gross Anatomy 1 Lec and Wet/Dry Lab

Applied Anatomy Lec and Lab


Physical Therapy Practice Lec

Evidence Informed Practice: Research Fundamentals

Soft Tissue 1 Lec and Lab

Out of all my classes, my favorite has to be Pathophysiology—shocker, I hated it the first time I took it in undergrad— and Gross Anatomy. My least favorite has to be Research Fundamentals… I think I learn more about using the library’s resources than actual research. Although this month has been hard and I’ve had like…zero me-time or social interactions (outside of school and my hubs), I love how my confidence is slowly growing in the material that I’m learning. This short month of February, I’m aiming to:

a. become more confident when going over informed consent and soft tissue intervention procedures

b. reduce the amount of breaks I take during a study session (I take a break to look at Tik-toks every time I understand a concept and can explain it back, it’s bad… I know)

c. be ahead of the game with making study guides.

The W’s of the Month:

Not crying when it got tough!
Getting through a week of back-to-back quizzes and exams, victoriously
Not procrastinating and get sh*t done!
Being elected as one of my class representatives
Not PT related but… Kai (my dog) is now on 3 fluent-pet buttons!

The L’s of the Month:

Pulling an all-nighter on my second week of classes and feeling utterly useless all day
Allowing myself to get distracted in class and having to teach myself an entire lecture the night before an exam
Playing catch-up with pre-class notes
Putting off my gym-time
Not having more social interactions with anyone other than the authors of my textbooks

ANYWHOM, can’t wait to type up February’s wrap-up and compare my W’s and L’s! Also, I have a special announcement coming up for those applying to PT school in PTCAS’ upcoming cycle, keep an eye out on my IG @laviedpt for a snippet of the news!

—xoxo, B

Published by bernicemrtnz

I'm a pre-physical therapy student applying in the 2020-2021 PTCAS cycle. I'm here to share my experiences, pass on advice, and motivate other students that are also interested in the field of Physical Therapy. I also can't wait to share with you snippets of my lifestyle outside of academics. Don't be a stranger, hope we can connect on some level!

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